Greece and the growth cancer

It feels like a 70’s gangster movie. The rich guy lends money to the greek (immigrant) not knowing that the greek is actually lying. At some point he finds out, gets angry and decides to ask some questions, “well Tsipiras, who’s going to pay me now, ah?!”

It feels like a 70’s gangster movie. The greek (immigrant) lies to the rich guy to get money from him. He has this big money opportunity that can’t fail. The rich guy eventually founds out that he’s been tricked, gets angry and decides to ask some questions, “well Tsipiras, who’s going to pay me now, ah?!” The greek fails to tell a convincing story, so the rich guy decides to go to the modest house of the lying bastard. “Nice TV you have there, Tspirias. It’ll look great in my living room. Nice electricity grid, Tsipiras. Nice salaries you have there… whoops! I just sold them to my guys. You know what? I feel generous today. I believe in you. Here’s more money. Fix your shit, Tspirias. And call me when you’re done.” Make the ‘rich guy’ a woman and you have a box office hit.

Cute Europe, old Europe, always so polite, always so pretty; I love how you look after 17 hours of meetings. How did you end up looking so wasted? First bad decision: doing business with ‘the rich’ based on falsified information. Repent of your sins, Greece; you were not the first, but you misjudged your leverage to pull it off. Second bad idea: waiting for the 300 billion euro elephant in the room to disappear. What a huge spectacle of miss management we have seen for the self-proclaimed most civilised appendix of the world. Ten years of plain denial of the problem, pushing it like I thought only we south americans could do. Why didn’t anybody do anything? Suspicious; my conspiracy obsessed self-hippie wants to believe that Deurope knew from the beginning and saw the opportunity to grab those shiny power lines whenever Greece exploded. Or, as it is now probable, they just want Greece out but “make it look like it was their fault.” It’s hard to believe that nobody saw it coming, but then again, humans constantly overestimate humans.

Welcome, Greece, to the club of countries owned by other countries! (Round of applause, please)

The most fantastic scene of the show was sleepy Merkel feeling proud that the european ideals won. Is that it, really? Is Europe only about closed-door antidemocratic big money talk? Is this the Europe that billions of modern slaves are supporting? Give us back our gold and silver, guys. We wanted something more than puritan-work-ethics fanaticism.

Discussions about Europe will now inevitably lead to my-god-is-better-than-yours kind of arguments. One is always tempted to think that the root of the problem is ethical: do we strive to touch God’s finger through hard work and frugality? Or become an angel of Marx by enjoying as much as we can the company of our comrades? Both false, outdated questions; the ones who cut the cake follow just one idol: growth. It is an obsession, and before any national spirit is invoked to provide us with an explanation, I would like to propose that the origin of evil is something we all have seen an experienced: the blindness of ambition. It has never been shown more clearly than this past week: over democracy, over socialism (whatever that means), over any form of trust or compassion, give them the three percent return and they’ll buy and sell anything. Expect the problem to become increasingly acute as only the obsessed, or the blessed, are able to cope with the ever increasing rhythm. This is a non-ending marathon: last man standing wins, if the world doesn’t burn before.

I don’t believe anymore on the growth discourse; the only thing growing is the cancer of ambition. The irony is that the work-freaks are so obsessed with producing more and more, that they don’t even enjoy their comfort. Millions live in hunger so that northerners can work more. It’s a vicious cycle, and part of the solution is to STOP WORKING SO MUCH! Relax, wash your brain from propaganda and realise what makes humans happy. Trade your iPhone for some time with your friends. Enjoy, and don’t forget to share, as we have more than enough.

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